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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 2, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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numbers. cnbc's tyler matheson joins me. >> the economy is not growing very fast if at all right now, thomas. these numbers are disappointing by any stretch of the imagination. not only did the total payroll number not grow very much, it actually trunked a little bit for the first time this year, but we only added 83,000 jobs in the private sector. unless you get the private sector as opposed to government hiring moving in the right direction you're not going have the foundation for consumer spending growth and growth in the economy overall. >> so what do we know about businesses and their hiring practices right now and why they're so sluggish? >> well, there's just not a lot of demand out there for products and people just aren't buying. consumers are not spending as much as they had back in the middle of the decade and for the past few years. for one thing, lots of people have pulled back. they're just not spending. we got a number earlier this
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week, thomas, on consumer confidence. it was way down. from month to month it fell from 61 to 51 which is a 17%, 18% decline in just one month. no one feels very confident, let alone business owners who are holding back. they don't want to add payrolls if -- if they believe that the economy is just going to be in a stall for a while. >> we're seeing red arrows across the board. tyler matheson from cnbc. thanks. >> thank you, tom. i want to talk to money manager jim lakant with macro portfolio wealth management and he'll talk about this. we're seeing these disappointing numbers that are coming out and we just talked to tyler about this, about the companies and why they're not hiring. what do you think about that? why aren't companies hiring that right now? what can the government do to encourage the hiring that's so needed? >> thomas, you're absolutely right. small businesses are at the heart of this and small businesses are responsible for about 65% of new job creation. the problem is several fold for
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small businesses right now. local and regional camps are reeling from real estate losses and foreclosures. that makes them less eager to lend to small businesses and small businesses see retail sales numbers last month and they were down and the consumers are real stretched and you just put a graphic up. the real unemployment rate is 16.5%. look, whether you like the health care plans or not, whether you like the financial regulation or not, it does create a little bit of uncertainty for small businesses. so they're looking at an economic slowdown, uncertain about their costs and even if they want the money maybe their banker isn't so eager to lend it to them. so it's a nasty storm that sets up for small businesses and that creates a bad problem for jobs. >> yeah. finally, state and local governments are cutting. they're cutting expenses. we saw what's going on with california. they're cutting jobs, too, and it makes it an even nastier picture. >> what do you think when i say the phrase double-dip recession?
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what comes to mind? >> i certainly don't think you can rule it out here. i think it's possible that we can avoid a double-dip recession because several parts of the economy are growing and the cost of capital with 0% interest rate for businesses is really low, but we are headed that way and confidence is a big part of this. whether it's employers or consumers, if we can't get confidence going, and if the market continues to be real soft, there's that wealth effect. i think it is a very realistic possibility we could head into a double dip by the end of the year. it's avoidable, but it's going to be a close call. >> what's your assessment when it comes to the political impact of this report? >> well, it's really interesting because it's going to weigh in on the november elections and no matter whether you're republican or democrat that will shake things up quite a bit. a lot of people are fearful that it will muddy things up in washington even if they want the republicans to win, they feel it will be gridlock and we're not going have enough action out of washington to get things going.
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so from a political standpoint it's certainly not good for the administration and all it does at the end of the day is bring in a lot more uncertainty. >> we're seeing red arrows across the board and typical with the holiday weekend and some numbers are out. >> it's typical for summer, thomas and typical for a holiday weekend and this wasn't the only economic report we got out today. the factory orders number wasn't good at all. so it's the plethora of data that we've had over the last two weeks that show a slowdown and now you have a three-day holiday. let's not forget we have problems in europe and a slowdown in china. so it's just an uncertain time for investors and i don't think you'll see a lot of people come in and get aggressive about buying a market on a day like today. >> let's hope they come back on tuesday. >> jim la camp, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, thomas. the government has just launched an investigation into possible power steering problems with the mazda 3 and the bmwz4.
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the probe involves 300,000 mazdas from the 2007-2009 model years and nearly 50,000 z4s from the 2003-2005. lexus vehicles are vehicled because of a engine problem. toyota says valve springs could make the vehicle stall while they're moving. so a whale could help clean up the gulf oil problem, but not the kind that you might be thinking about. it is a huge super tanker. wait until you see this. it is already in the gulf and on saturday officials will test it to see if it can actually collect the leaking oil. the ship is named a whale because of its size. it is the largest ship ever to sail up the mississippi and can collect 500,000 barrels of contaminated water a day. nearly 73,000 people and more than 7,000 vessels are involved in the containment and clean up. most are home for another day because of rough waves after hurricane alex. bp and the obama administration are facing some complaints, more
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complaints over accepting foreign help for the oil disaster. the coast guard says there have been 107 offers from 44 nations, but many of those offers are old. at least ten homes are damaged or destroyed today after a wildfire scorched hundreds of acres north of las vegas. more than 100 fire fighters battling those flames. the fire forced evacuations as planes fought the flames from above. a separate fire is also burning in the state, but no homes were lost there. if you're one of the 35 million americans that will be hitting the road this fourth of july weekend, you will have lots of company. despite a rise in gas prices, it's estimated 90% of the travelers are driving. the roads are expected to get very busy in a few short hours. nbc's kevin tibbless is outside chicago. how's it looking? >> traffic is moving slowly. it's interesting listening to you speak with tyler matheson a minute ago about the economy
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because one of the reasons a lot of the people are giving for hitting the roads this holiday weekend is the economy. the fact that they think there may be some kind of light at the end of the tunnel or they may be so fed up with staying at home for the last couple of years riding out this recession that they've decided to fill up the car with gas, hit the highways and go visit grandma for the fourth of july. when we're talking about gasoline, one thing we should point out is the fact that two years ago gas was about $4.05 a gallon. now it's down about the $2.75 range. so that makes it a lot more affordable for people to get behind the wheel of a car. where is gas the cheapest in the country? let's start on the west coast where it is actually the most expensive and then you come over here in the midwest and the northeast where i am, and then the cheapest gas, of course issue ises down in the southern states except for florida where it's a little bit higher. so if you're planning to head south for this long holiday weekend, fill up the tank while you're down there. thomas, back to you.
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>> i heard you'll be hitchhiking your way back to d.c. later today. >> i will be hitchhiking without my nbc per diem, that's correct. >> have a great weekend, kevin. thanks so much. >> okay. now we want to find out what the weather will be like once you reach your final destination. we'll check in with weather channel meteorologist kelly cass in atlanta. we're hearing gas is actually good if we head down to atlanta. >> yes. >> so what about the weather for everybody around hotlanta and the surrounding states? >> i'll tell you what, anywhere in the east it is going to be very hot across the eastern half of the country. i say watermelon, slushies, and italian ices is the way to go because temperatures will be pushing 90 degrees in and around new york city. today it's average, but it will heating up over the weekend and beach, maybe? in the chicago area, why not? it will be 9 degrees. the problem that we see will be around the gulf coast. we'll have the increased moisture courtesy of what was hurricanalex and with the front
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moving through the middle of the country that will get showers and storms going between the twin cities and back toward the mile-high city of denver. if you're picnicking around jones beach or the jersey shore, your weather cannot go wrong. this is exactly what you hope to have for the fourth of july weekend. it will be perfect to head out to the beaches with high pressure dominating our weather. a lot of folks take off monday as well. things start to get a little stormy for us around the chicagoland. highs in the upper 70s, but out west, looking beautiful around los angeles, but tom, the only problem for travelers today will be along i-10. here in the gulf coast, i-35 as well and watch out for showers and thunderstorms and some of which could get heavy and that could lead to flooding in some areas. make sure you buckle up no matter the weather and hopefully you get to your destination safely and enjoy the holiday weekend. memorial service for robert byrd is under way at the charleston state capital. senator byrd died monday at the age of 92.
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president obama and vice president biden are going to be speaking at today's service. nbc's mike vakera will be there. >> good morning, thomas. president obama and vice president biden got a warm here and he's expected to have a speaking role as well as well as the governor of the state, senator rockefeller. his colleague from west virginia, the junior senator from west virginia. senator byrd now rests there at the bottom of the red carpeted stairs, next to senator mcconnell. it was very interesting, i've heard from a number of people here this afternoon yesterday after his body was lying in repose yesterday afternoon. he was flown here to charleston and welcomed home by people lining the streets to watch his body being borne through the
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streets of boston on a horse-drawn carriage. four white horses drove him through the streets and he was brought to lie in repose and this time at the state capitol in charleston, west virginia. the president is expected to speak shortly. there are several other speakers ahead of him including the vice president and former president clinton. it does, of course, have a somber air to it as befitting a memorial to it and a lot of clapping and there's even been bluegrass music here, thomas. >> certainly a life well lived. senator byrd a giant in political history. we'll continue to watch the service that's taking place there in west virginia today. it's been exactly four weeks since kyron horman vanished from the halls of his oregon school. his mom tearfully pleads for his return. the billion dollar man coming up for you as well. who's in on the bidding right now for king james? and could he be the richest athlete ever? wait until you hear the numbers on that. wait until you feel like to
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welcome back to msnbc. i'm thomas roberts. we do have breaking news to pass along to you. mexico authorities just busted a drug gang leader in connection with the killing of a u.s. consulate worker. jesus ernesto chavez told police he ordered the killing because the worker gave visas to a rival gang. leslie enriquez and her husband were killed while driving through the violent border city of ciudad juarez. this breaking news just in to us. a justice minister in cypress says he believes one of the alleged russian spies has fled that island. now in that country -- or in this country, excuse me, another court hearing today for accused members of a russian spy ring brought down by the fbi.
12:16 pm
with ten people currently in custody and the other on the run, we're learning more details about the alleged espionage. i want to talk now to mark thompson, national correspondent with "time" magazine. joining us from washington. what new information do we think the prosecutors have learned about the alleged spies and the information they were trying to gather? >> they plainly aren't telling everything they know. we're realizing, number one, this really wasn't a network. these are autonomous individuals, ten of whom are in custody. some knew one another, other ands didn't. it's interesting to talk to u.s. intelligence officials, you can make light of this and make jokes. it's more don adams than james bond, but in reality this was the scaffolding of intelligence. this was the way the russians did it in the '30s and in the '50s. to have these enablers in place to use the real spies later on. >> modern-day espionage. some of the alleged spies lived
12:17 pm
a quiet and suburban life. anna chapman, the fiery redhead was part of the new york social scene. did that suggest that the alleged plot was widespread in covering different angles and placing these people in different walks of life? >> in reality, we've got to be careful. they have not been charged with espionage. they've been charged with failing to register as foreign agents with the justice department. they've been charged with money laundering. as one former spy told me, it's very much like getting al capone on tax evasion. they didn't divulge anything. they were more a place for the real spies to go, to hang out, but we don't even know that that happened. >> right. >> if you read the legal briefs we started monitoring these folks more than ten years ago. the first pick. up that's mentioned was january of the year 2000, before 9/11. so we've been watching them a long time and the question is is there more yet to come? the people i'm talking to are
12:18 pm
saying yes, but we don't have details yet. >> pardon me for using the espionage term. i didn't mean to link it to them. i'm read so many of the post headlines it's just in my brain now. the breaking story that we just had about leaving the island of cypr cyprus. how important is it for officials to nap this guy and question him? >> the key thing is this ban has all of these connecting threads and this fellow was the money man. he was plainly the conduit between them and moscow central station in terms of their intelligence. so he's very important, but you get the sense as you watch what's happening both in moscow and in washington that a lot of folks sort of want this to go away because as we point out, it's really not espionage. countries do it all of the time. if these folks had registered with the justice department they'd be in compliance with most of the rules. so the question is going to be is there another big, big shoe yet to drop in this case? >> it really is fascinating.
12:19 pm
mark thompson with "time" magazine. thanks very much. enjoy your holiday weekend. >> thank you, thomas. you, too. >> thank you. speaking of the holiday weekend. what is it like to eat 68 hot dogs in just ten minutes? we'll hear from the guy who hopes to repeat in this year's hot dog eating contest in coney island, new york. what's more patriotic than that? first, a look at some of the most viewed stories. $7.25 an hour. schwarzenegger cuts california workers' pay. high orders 200 state workers to to be paid the federal minimum wage because the state has yet to pass a real budget. obama's alleged mastermind says a gop win in november is plausible. they better act as if the house and senate and every major governor's race is in danger because they could be. apple is just stunned to find a flaw in the iphone 4. the iphone's apparently used a wrong formula to show how many bars of strength the phone actually has when it's sending
12:20 pm
out a signal. they say that's what's behind the recent complaints of dropped calls. say it isn't so. >> former art i'm a random windstorm.
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70 dogs in ten minutes. >> that's right, thomas. the man you're about to hear from can eat more in ten minutes than most can eat in an entire week. if you give him ten minutes he'll eat an entire farm. he loves eating and winning and for the last three years he's left the competition with a doggie bag. >> in the neighborhood of attractions, nothing is bigger than joey chestnut. >> did you win the hot dog eating congratulations. >> july 4th he'll defend his title at the nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. >> i love more to eat than anybody. >> that means intense training. right now he's fasting to build an appetite no human can catch.
12:25 pm
>> no solid food. i'll have milk tonight, coffee, lots of water to keep the muscles stretched, loose and keep the hot dogs in my season and make sure the day of the contest i'm absolutely empty. >> last time chestnut broke the record, this year he hopes to break that record eating 70 hot dogs. 70 hot dogs, this is 70 hot dogs. >> i'm ignoring any feeling of pain, or tired. >> he can out-eat anyone on the planet. not only hot dogs. his other records, 281 chicken wings in 30 minutes. 103 crystal burgers in eight minutes and 47 grilled cheese sandwiches in ten minutes. >> i go to the doctor every four months to get my blood work done and make sure everything's working right. >> every competition needs drama and this year kobayashi, the former ciampa, announced he's sitting out. >> he's in my head a little bit, but i'm not letting it affect me negatively. i'm using that to kind of
12:26 pm
motivate me. if he is playing head games i'll show him when he comes here that i'm going to blow him away. >> chestnut says he learned how to eat fast because he was part of a big family so you had to eat quick if you want seconds. we have a big family here at msnbc. we have a ton of hot dogs. these aren't nathan's, but these are street meat and if you want to risk it, go for it. >> i'll take a bite for sure because when we were kids and wield go to a fancy restaurant, if they didn't have hot dogs my dad would walk out. that was his excuse. of cheers, everybody. i have to do my tease to get us to break. >> hurry up and swallow. >> the guy that does this, he dips it in water, right? >> he dips it in water and he eats two at a time and he eats two at a time. >> mine isn't big enough for a bite and a tease. guys, enjoy the fourth weekend. we look forward to seeing who will walk away the big winner of
12:27 pm
the nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> destination florida. this is supposed to be one of the biggest weekends for the
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12:30 pm
july fourth weekend and aaa is predicting a increase in travel over last year. senator hatch is opposing elena kaying ann's nomination for the supreme court. hatch did vote for kagan for
12:31 pm
solicitor general p/e he cited her prior lack of judicial experience. also live pictures from the memorial service from senator robert byrd. we're waiting for tributes from president clinton, vice presidented bien and president obama. we'll bring you that in the next half half hour. the wor being now led by general david petraeus who arrived in the country today. including a taliban attack just this morning that killed at least four people. the target was an international aid compound. i want to go live now to kabul where nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engle joins us with the developments. how does the latest shake-up in command affect the strategy? such a big word issue the u.s. strategy and what's going to take place? >> reporter: general petraeus says the strat dwree gee will remain the same. a combination of delivering aid like the development projects were trying to do in kundu this morning where the taliban attack
12:32 pm
took place. six suicide bombers attacking a compound where foreign aid workers were staying, but in addition to deliver hearts and minds and win hearts and minds, there is a series of steps taken to eliminate the taliban, and the only significant change that could be under way, we're hearing so far just hints of it from general petraeus is he might re-examine the rules of engage it and make it easier for soldiers to go after the taliban. if you talk to troops, many will say the current rules of engagement are too tight and in some cases it's difficult for them to defend themselves. so far david petraeus on the ground in kabul isn't making any comments. he arrived today. the media kept out a rivaler s ceremony and journalists were not invited. >> the general will take a short wait-and-see approach. we should not expect anything fast here when it comes to what
12:33 pm
his strategy will be. i was hearing maybe up to four weeks. >> reporter: well, four weeks before he probably will speak to reporters and that is the strategy that he took also when he arrived in iraq. he said to his media people, give me the first 30 days to sit down, re-familiarize myself with the conflict and then i will start making statements to reporters which oftentimes will reflect the direction of policy. so he's taking that cautious approach at least in terms of the media is concerned and that also reflects the heightened sensitivity on the ground here with regard to reporters after the scandal with general mcchrystal in the rolling stone article. >> absolutely. richard engle in kabul for us. cleanup efforts in the gulf are still on hold because of rough seas from hurricane alex and because crews have not been skimming oil or burning it off, more oil is coming ashore on the coast and it couldn't come at a worse time. this is supposed to be a huge
12:34 pm
tourist weekend on pensacola beach. michelle franzen has been talking to business owners there. i know pensacola very well. i have friends that own places there and i know how much they depend on the rent that they have there on important weekends like this. what type of stories are you running into? >> reporter: absolutely, thomas. you know pensacola beach, the july fourth weekend as well as the following week with the blue angels, home air show are the two biggest weekends of the summer. so this oil spill hitting at the worst time for them. 9,000 vacancies, 9,000 units from hotels to rentals that can be filled and maybe about 5,000 of them and it's usually a sell-out weekend. take a look here, the waters, certainly a dramatic improvement from the last few days and crews have been working very hard to clean up these beaches. they're clear for the most part. we've noticed a little bit of a sheen coming in off the water, but not too bad. you see some tourists out here, and it's certainly not the numbers that it should be and
12:35 pm
that is obviously taking a financial and emotional toll on the businesses in this area. >> quite frankly, there's really no reason for me to be open right now. >> it sounds like there's an emotional toll that's just setting in. >> i was born and raised here, and i don't personally feel like i ever took advantage of the beach. it's just knowing that i'll never have it back in my life time. >> and certainly a lot of this just setting in on this weekend, what would be very important to their bottom line. thomas? >> michelle franzen in pensacola beach. thanks very much. the mother of a missing boy delivers a very tearful plea this morning. she wants his stepmom to tell what she knows about the boy's disappearance. this is all going on in portland, oregon. the story topping our look at stories far and wide.
12:36 pm
7-year-old kyron horman vanished on june 4th and he vanished at a science fair where he was dropped off by his stepmother. his natural mother is asking the public to keep looking. >> terry horman to fully cooperate with the investigators to bring kyron home. >> terry horman is kyron's stepmom. she's come under intense scrutiny. she has also now been served with a restraining order against her own child she has with her husband, which is kyron's father and kyron's father has served her with divorce papers. an incredible rescue 350 feet below the earth's surface. listen to this story. a utah man went on a weekend climb and ended up saving a dog's life. christine welker has that story. >> the canyons that run along the arizona-utah board, spectacular in beauty, scope and depth. they're a dream for photographers and rock climbers
12:37 pm
alike. for outdoorsman zack made sure to bring his video camera when he went hiking in the area over the weekend. he was expecting to capture lots of twisted walls and dark caverns, but he wasn't at all prepared to find this. >> i cannot believe i found this guy. >> this guy, an abandoned pooch seemingly left for dead was discovered by andraig about 350 feet below the earth's surface. he was emaciated, all alone and scared. >> he was completely starved. my best guess was within 24 to 48 hours from being dead. an animal lover knew he had to act fast. he climbed out of the canyon once and a second time to drive nearly an hour to page arizona for help. they told me flat out we're not going to send out the fire department or the sheriff's department to help you. >> so he took matters into his own hands. borrowing a cat carrier from a local animal hospital anda
12:38 pm
attaching it to his rope, andraig was able to lift the dog from the depths of the cavern all by himselves. >> i took risks, but none above what i do anyway. >> an area vet helped nurse the dog back to health saying the most likely scenario was that he fell or was thrown into the canyon and that his survival and rescue is just a miracle. this miracle pooch affectionately named puppy for now has a temporary home with zack and his wife michelle, but they're looking for a permanent place for puppy to stay, and with a face like this, that shouldn't be too hard. >> beautiful face. on "the today show" this morning the dog seemed very happy and very mellow as he sat with his temporary parents. >> he's doing remarkable. he's probably added 5 or 10 pounds and his personality is starting to come out. when i saw him my heart just absolutely broke, and within about 10 seconds of realizing
12:39 pm
what he was, my plan shifted from vacation to, you know, rescue. get him out of here. >> now they're looking for someone to permanently adopt the dog. so if you are in the market, looks like a great dog to have. the house and senate have gotten out of dodge, beginning their long july fourth weekend. that's right. lawmakers skipped town without finishing one crucial piece of business, extending unemployment benefits for more than a million out of work americans. the senate is expected to take up the measure later in the month before the month-long august recess which is another vacation. just how much time off do our lawmakers get? we want to check in with cnbc's eamon jabbers, this is a holiday calendar all of us would like to have. >> i can negotiate with my bosses at cnbc. they're out of washington already as people try to get out and beat the traffic for the fourth of july weekend, but
12:40 pm
congress is already gone and they've left town so that is an empty dome sitting behind me. this is according to the house majority leader's office. they have 90 days in which they don't have any votes at all or they're in district work period. that's the new name for congress res' recess. days working in washington, 109 in october, out of a possible total number of weekdays of 199. now take a look at the average american's holiday. the u.s. average, according to the consulting firm mercer llc is 15 vacation days, 10 public holidays for a total of just 25 days off a year. that's a little bit less than your average congressman seems to be taking, but take a look at this. the u.s. doesn't get the best deal in the world. brazil, they lost their world cup game today, but they have something to fall back on. they get an average of 41 days
12:41 pm
off a year. that's an astonishing figure and according to mercer, they lead the world. they and lithuania are the top vacation day countries in the world. if you want to get a couple of days off, go be a congressman in brazil. that seems to be the best combination of options. >> we need to book our trip to rio now. when they get back they only have so much time to take care of big issues before they go on the month-long august recess. >> they don't have a single legislative day on the calendar in the month of august and then after the election they don't have anything on the calendar at all. so if they're defeated they can pretty much not come back to washington. if they're reelected they can plan the vacation early. to be fair, they go home a lot to campaign, raise money and meet with local officials and this year when so many members of congress are under the threat of losing their jobs, a lot of them are working much, much harder during the district work
12:42 pm
periods and they actually are work periods instead of recess because they have to march in the fourth of july parades and they have to meet with local officials and they have to try to win the seats before coming back here. >> with so unemployed americans who wouldn't want to work in the pretty building behind you. >> thanks. at theaters near you "twilight eclipse" has bitten its way into the record books since its midnight opening on thursday, but expect big numbers from the vampire love story over this long weekend. so which movie is brave enough to challenge teen power? the other major film opening is "the last airbender." the latest movie from m. knight shyamalan, from "slum dog millionai millionai millionaire." which one will you see?he .. alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz. you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right,
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foregoing the car, traveling by bike or foot instead. the federal highway administration has released a new report that tracks biking and walking trends since the mid-'90s. both biking and walking trips are up 25% since 2001. biking fatalities and injuries are down since 1993. welcome back, everybody. a gossip website is reporting that actor/director mel gibson went on another vile, racist outburst and the difference here, it's been caught on tape. radar online quotes the audio on its website. it says gibson is heard lashing out at the mother of his youngest child about the way that she is dressed. he reportedly uses the "n" word and other language fit for daytime tv. i don't think it's fit for nighttime tv, maybe showtime or hbo can play it. in 2006 the oscar winner was caught on camera making anti-semitic comments during a dui arrest and gibson's attorney has not yet commented on the
12:47 pm
radar online report, but it will curl the hair on your arms. welcome back. i'm thomas roberts. it's another day of high-stakes wheeling and dealing for nba free agent lebron james. the new york knicks has upped the ante on this one. they presented him with a study that finds he could earn up to $2 billion in a salary and endorsement deals if he chooses to come to new york. i am joined now by sportswriter dave zyron with is it accurate if he picks new york? >> actually, that's a good question. david faulk who is considered the most preeminent nba agent, maybe of all time, has said that he doesn't think it's that accurate for the simple reason that in today's day of facebook and social networking and global media, it doesn't really matter like it used to, like you have to play in new york or a major media market to capitalize on your brand. lebron james can play on neptune, david faulk says and
12:48 pm
still max out his earnings potential. >> who do you think is on the inside track? who is the front-runner here? >> here's the interesting thing. i talked to the most preeminent nba writers in the country, and i'm telling you, totally honestly, thomas and this is one of the things that makes this so intriguin intriguing. nobody knows. this ship is so tight at this point and the question everybody's asking is what is it that lebron really wants? does he want to be a new york city global media star? does he want to be the first person to bring a championship to cleveland since 1964, his hometown? does he want to win championships right away which would speak to somewhere like chicago which has more good parts on their team. these are the questions that everyone will figure out and people will draw huge generalizations based on what the king chooses. >> we're running out of time, but how soon do you think this choice is going to come? >> i've heard from sources that we will not know by monday, so the nba's version of "the bachelor" will still be going on
12:49 pm
until next week. >> will you accept this rose? thanks so much. for the friday before the holiday weekend, there are several events. casey anthony will be back in a florida courtroom. attorneys will be arguing over who will keep an eye on defense experts as they review evidence in the first-degree murder case. also at 1:30, accused russian spies michael z -- excuse me, zotilla and patricia mills will appear in a virginia court for their detention hearing. that had been rescheduled from yesterday. and even the president takes part in the holiday weekend getaway, except he goes to go away on marine one. the president heads to camp david just after 3:00 this afternoon.
12:50 pm
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back now live to the senator robert byrd and remarks by president bill clinton. >> all of the house members
12:53 pm
senators, thank you, senator rockefeller and thank you, vicky kennedy. i'd also like to thank all of the people here who at the time of his passing or ever worked for robert byrd who helped him to succeed for the people of west virginia. i thank them. and i want to thank the martin luther king male chorus. they gave us a needed break from all these politicians talking up here. i want to say first that i come here to speak for two members of my family. hillary wanted to be here today and she paid her respects to
12:54 pm
senator byrd as he lay in state in the united states senate before making a trip on behalf of our country to central and eastern europe. i am grateful to bob byrd for many things, but one thing that no one has given enough attention to, in my opinion, today is that while he always wanted to be the best senator and he always wanted to be the longest-serving senator, he wanted every other senator to be the best senator that he or she could be, and he helped hillary a lot when she came to represent the people of new york. i am forever grateful for that. everybody else has been canonizing senator byrd. i would like to humanize him a little bit. because i think it makes it more interesting and makes his service all the more important.
12:55 pm
first of all, most people had to go all of the way to washington to become awed by, you might even say intimidated by robert byrd. not me. i had advanced experience before i got elected president because the first time i ever ran for office, at the opening of campaign season in arkansas just below the wachita and o zarbing mountains which once were connected to the appalachians, we had this big rally, and the year that i started don't you know, robert byrd was the speaker. 1974, april. i'll never forget it. it was a beautiful spring night. and he gave one of those stem-winding speeches and then he got up and he played the fiddle and the crowd went crazy, and you know, in 1974 in a place
12:56 pm
like arkansas, west virginia, playing the fiddle was a whole lot better for your politics than playing a saxophone. so i am completely intimidated and then all the candidates get to speak. you're all limited to four, five minutes. some went over. all the candidates for governor and every state officer and the members and the people running for the house of representatives, and there were five of us and we were dead last and i drew the short straw. i was dead last among them. by the time i got up to speak it had been so long since robert byrd spoke, he was hungry again, and i realized in my awed state, i couldn't do that well so i decided the only chance i had to be remembered was to give the shortest speech. i spoke for 80 seconds, and i
12:57 pm
won the primary. and i owed it to robert byrd. now -- when i was elected president i knew that one of the things i needed to do before i took the oath of office was go to the senate and pay my respects to senator byrd. in 1974 when i first met him he had already been the leading authority on the institutional history of the senate and the senate rules for some years, and he certainly was by the time i was about to become president, so i did that, and i got a copy of his history of the senate and his history of the roman senate, and i read them and i'm proud to say still on my bookshelf in my
12:58 pm
office in harlem in new york city today because i was so profoundly impressed. n now, robert byrd was not without a sense of humor. for example, i was the one dragging him about all of the federal money he was hauling down to west virginia. in arkansas, we weren't much better off than you, and every friend i had in arkansas said he's just a senator. you're sitting in the white house we don't get squat compared to what they get. what is the matter with you? i was getting the living daylights beat out of me about once a week. so i said to him early in my first term i said you know, senator, if you pave every single inch of west virginia, it's going to be much harder to
12:59 pm
mine coal. and he smiled and he said, the constitution does not prohibit humble servants from delivering whatever they can to their constituents. and -- but let me say something, seriously. he knew people who were elected to represent states and regions and political philosophies were flesh and blood people which means they would never be perfect. he knew they were subject to passion and anger and when you make a decision that's important when you're mad it's about an 80% chance that you'll make a mistake and that's y he thought the rules and the institution and the


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